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Scubacentric in Goa

Learn today with Barracuda Diving India, the first SSI Diamond Instructor Training Dive Center. With 25 years of dedication to diver safety, education and environmental conservation, the Barracuda team offer a full range of courses from beginner to professional level and our team members are present on every Scubacentric Group Trips to cater to all your dive training requirements.

Scubacentric in Mumbai

Dive today with Aqua Ventures, the first SSI
affiliated Dive Club in Mumbai. Join SSI dive professional Tariq Khan offers the ultimate scuba diving experience. Begin your journey with free e-learning, take your first breath underwater, learn new diving skills or take a refresher if you have not dived for a while. Join Tariq for diving in Goa or on a Scubacentric Group Trips to complete your perfect dive adventure.

Fit to dive?

Please read the SSI medical form . If your answer to any of the questions is ‘YES’ you will need to obtain medical clearance from your doctor.

Explore an exciting new world, learning to dive is easier than you think! Enjoy making new friends, sharing adventures and travelling to exotic destinations while living your dream. Divers love to have fun and come together beneath the waves to share their passion for the amazing aquatic realm.

Start today! Sign on for e-learning and complete all studies in the comfort of your own home. Pool training sessions can be conducted prior to travel or while on holiday and you may complete your certification dives in the warm tropical waters of your choice.

Meet the challenge as your adventure continues. Advanced courses and specialty dives allow you to achieve new skills and experience unique dive opportunities. Book your complete dive package with Scubacentric and Go Scuba today!

SSI courses

Learn to dive with Scuba Schools International. Represented in more than 110 countries and dedicated to provide the ultimate dive experience through uncompromising standards and focused methodology, SSI is without question a world leader in affordable diving education. Sign up today for free e-learning and special offers on selected courses with Group Trips.

Open Water Diver
Advanced Adventurer
Specialty Courses
            Deep Diver
            Enriched Air Nitrox
            Night/Low Viz Diver
            Peak Performance Bouyancy
            Underwater Naturalist
            Underwater Photography
            Wreck Diver

We also offer other international scuba certification courses.