Our divers depend on us to provide an exceptional service and here at Scubacentric we are dedicated to meet and exceed their high standards and expectations. It's not easy to choose a safe, professional and fun dive operator when all you have is a web page so we have asked our divers to kindly write a testimonal for you to read what they really think about us...

Very professional...
Shashank Pathak, Pune. Advanced Open Water Diver

“ Diving, for me, was a recreational activity till I entered Barracuda Dive Center in Goa. Met Venkat and Karen, reinvented Scuba Diving which turned into a passion. Barracuda Diving’s teachings "...are based on high valuation for Safety, Procedures and Eco-friendly diving. Venkat and Karen’s knowledge on identifying Marine Life makes diving a pleasure. The International dive trips with Barracuda Diving and Scubacentric has been a blessing for a novice diver like me, motivating me to explore underwater heaven and understand the treasures of this beautiful earth".

Woo hoo!!!
Guillaume Chipman, France. Advanced Open Water Diver

I discovered Barracuda diving by chance in 2007, i was already OW at that time, i choose the hotel in Goa in accordance to the dive club which i found on Internet, there i meet Venkat, Karen and the Barracuda dive team. "...Since then i keep on diving with this fantastic and professional team. Thereafter Venkat put me on those incredible dive trip, Maldives, Bali, Malaysia, Micronesia (the best ever for me personally) where i pass my AOW with the Nitrox. Beside being good human beings they are professional , whiling and comprehensive they also adapt their guest request rather well taking into account each divers preferences. I will definitively recommend Barracuda Diving and Scubacentric to any divers, beginners or advance even for professional..."

Woo hoo!!!
Dr Leju Chacko, Mumbai. Open Water Diver

"My son aditya has been diving with venkat and karen since the age of 10. i would consider our good fortune to come across such 2 wonderfully exceptional people and aditya has been hooked on to diving all thanks to them. barracuda diving has always been high on safety and eco friendliness. in fact their standards have been so high that i have not hesitated in sending aditya alone on the international dive trips with scubacentric and the baraccuda diving team and each time aditya has returned back with a spark in his eyes..."Read all... With over 80 dives aditya and myself would like to wish karen and venkat many more diving years and may they continue inspiring people around them. Hide content.

Great service...
Abhay Toshniwal, Bangalore. Advanced Open Water Diver

"Venkat, fantastic trip! [Maldives Liveaboard 2012} Probably the best I have been on. Alberto and his team were outstanding. Hope to dive with them again soon. Had some ideas on what can be done for the future trips. Will share them with you when we meet. Just some few minor points, but apart form that, very well organised. Nitya was so comfortable with Karen and is well on her way to completing the Advance Open Water course!Missed you on this trip. Hope we dive together in the future!"

Great service...
Amisha Gupta, New Delhi. Stress & Rescue Diver

I've done four trips with Scubacentric since 2012 to the Similian Islands, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Gorontalo. I've also dived on my own in SE Asia but the difference is that with Scubacentric every detail is planned, organized and diver safety is of utmost importance. I feel safe when I dive with the Scubacentric team and have had an amazingly fun trip each time. I got to meet other scuba divers in India and made some close friends along the way. Dive centers and dive sites were well chosen and hotels, food and land based activities were well-organized. On my first trip with Scubacentric, I had four prior open water dives and wasn't a confident diver. The team and their diver friends on that trip and all the subsequent trips have taught me so much about diving and have made me a passionate diver. They are patient and knowledgable teachers. The group's enthusiasm for diving is contagious and the need to improve my diving skills and the need to get more involved with the marine world has grown immensely. Scubacentric helped me rediscover my love for water and diving with them has changed my life for the better!

Great service...
Star Testimonial ~ Warning: May be hazardous to you health!
Gopal Krishnan, Mumbai. Master Story Teller

one more [TESTIMONIAL] for the road! Read all... I hereby solemnly affirm that I have been awarded the following scuba diving certifications by Barracuda Diving India. These are :
- Navigation
- Rescue Diver
- Emergency First Response
- Equipment Specialist
- Master Scuba Diver

It is also true that during the last twelve years or so of my association with Barracuda, I have been exposed to late nights, bawdy jokes, women in various stages of undress, massages, strong and unexpected currents, breakdown of airconditioning, lost/misplaced baggage and excessive alcohol intake. There have also been innumerable, inane conversations ranging from how to get pregnant by drinking water from a copper urn to the sex lives of mermaids. All these have taken place in a background of wild, uncontrolled and raucous laughter under the guise of perfecting the arcane skill of diving.

I would also like to affirm that I have been a member of Scubacentric’s dive trips to the Similans, Red Sea,. Sri Lanka, Phillipines and the Maldives. These trips have made me considerably poorer in wealth but have, at the same time, enriched my life. They have also led to the loss and damage of my personal dive gear which, at the time of writing this testimonial, cannot be insured.

At the end, I would attest that my association with Barracuda/Scubacentric could be compared to that of a wild rollercoaster drive. Anyone with a touch of insanity ( which should encompass most of humanity) should experience the Scubacerntric way of diving.Hide content.

Great service...
Rakesh Gupta, New Delhi. Dive Master

"My life changed after I started learning Scuba diving from Barracuda Diving India. This has opened my life to a new and beautiful underwater world and the opportunity to have some of the most amazing scuba travel adventures with Scubacentric and their fun-loving group of divers." Read all... Karen and Venkat have become my family now. They both inspired me to become Dive Master and now I am going to do my Instructor program soon. There is no better and safe adventure sport than scuba diving. Makes you , environment friendly, humble and down to earth. I would say that every one should try scuba time atleast once in his/her lifetime. it gives you so much happiness and satisfaction that words can't express. . Hide content.
Great service...
Shreya Sarkar, Advance Open Waters

I have been associated with Barracuda Diving since 1994 and
subsequently to Scubacentric ( from its inception). It has been an
absolute pleasure for me to dive with Barracuda whose "...emphasis on individual needs, safety and dive information is peerless. For me, personally, it continues to be a great learning experience. Scubacentric is unique in as much that it researches dive spots which are quite exceptional. Here again, the care taken to cater to individual diver's needs is exceptional..."Read all... Given that some places are where few divers have even heard of, there are bound to be minor hassles. Having said that, Scubacentric groups and dive destinations are for me an absolute delight! Here's wishing all the very best to all connected with Barracuda and Scubacentric!!. Hide content.

Very professional...
Nandakumar, Bangalore. Avanced Open Water Diver

When I read in an Ad in 2009 that there is less than 30% land on this earth and life is waste if one is not taking time to explore even a little of the water world, I took a plunge in to the diving. Did my OW & AOW in scuba diving but, got to know what exactly the heaven underwater is when I went to Tioman with Barracuda diving - "...we had a blast, experienced best diving in pristine water. Venkat and Karen are true
masters of the art. Their passion and dedication to the profession shows through in every aspect of their instruction and that made this dive trip a
out of the world experience to me and my family.

We are a divers’ family of father and 2 kids. My both kids , particularly Dheeraj my younger son, got their passion converted in to a hobby through the patience, preciseness, concern shown to them by Venkat and Karen. I am a business owner and always felt time is short for passion and hobbies until I started going on dive trips with Barracuda and Scubacentric. Their planning of trips,
selection of locations, pricing and the way they take care of even my non diving wife has taught me to take the time away from work and go scuba

Great service...
Aditya Kumar, Mumbai. Avanced Open Water Diver

"I started diving at the age of 10, infact my very first dive was with venkat uncle , so far I have completed 80 dives around the world with either venkat uncle or Karen aunty. It feels amazing to dive and each and every dive is an experience in itself. The peace, amazing bio-diversity and colours of the marine life is like being transported to a different world.

Venkat uncle is an inspiration and I’m proud to be diving with such a wonderful and knowledgeable person. Looking forward to diving with him in Bali this May."

Great service...
Rajan C.K , Gujurat. Advanced Open Water Diver

"This [Maldives Liveaboard 2012} was my first trip with your team and I must say that it was the best liveaboard that I have done till date. Apart from the efficient organization, what made it memorable was being with a bunch of likeminded (read: slightly looney) divers, and the absolutely 5-star service provided by the Italian dive team (Alberto, Chiara and Ezio) on the boat. Unfortunately I will not be able to get time off from work to join you for the Gorontolo trip, but hope to join the one to Komodo later next year."

Great service...
Gopal Krishnan (again!), Mumbai. Master Scuba Diver

"Just for the records, may I say that this [Maldives Liveaboard 2012} was quite easily the best liveaboard I have been on. Alberto was supreme as also his colleagues. Without doubt or hesitation, will want to do it again.. different time different route. The Scubacentric dive group was probably more exotic and interesting than the marine life encountered!"

Great service...
Shantanu Dey, Mumbai. Advanced Open Water Diver

"Yeh babeehs!!! enjoy life...

Great service...
Gopal Krishnan, Mumbai. Mmmm...

yet another [TESTIMONIAL] for the road!Read all... For thirteen lucky humans, between 20th and 27th of October, their address simply was c/o m/v Island Safari 1, 4.1667* N, 73.5000* E and a mere 3.15* north of the Equator. Away from cellphones, newspapers, internet and television, floating on the azure waters of the Maldives, this was as close as one could get to Paradise. Diving in and around the 1190 coral atolls which comprise the Maldives and, which on an average, are just three feet above sea level, is an experience of a lifetime.

The route to Male was devious ( as expected when travel arrangements are handled by Diggy) with members from Mumbai and Delhi getting into Bangalore before taking off en masse. Shantanu was the epitome of scuba sartorial elegance, carrying his wetsuit in a foldable suit bag and being somewhat overly possessive about it. Salil, not to be outdone, checked in a mighty, ominous looking black case with two oversized locks. Apparently, they had all the lenses used by him to shoot rhinos and hippos which work just as well underwater shooting sharks.

The group had the usual suspects with a few additions. Rajan was the new face. Its reliably learnt that he is changing his name from ( C. K. Rajan) to C.S. Rajan … Culturally Shocked…. entirely understandable.

Diving was really spectacular with a magnificient spectrum of fish and coral on display on every one of the 18 dives. Maldivian ( liveaboard) diving takes place off a dhoni ( a separate boat which accompanies the main vessel) where all the equipment is parked. This makes for convenient and uncluttered entries into the water. Tanks were all of steel and everyone needed adjustments in weights for buoyancy control. Two magnum tanks of 15 litres were promptly “nationalised”by Shashank and Abhay.

Quite easily the feature of the trip was the knowledge, care and effort taken by Alberto which made diving such a pleasure. He was ably supported by Enzio and Chiara. By the way, both Alberto and Chiara were wearing radio tracking devices which meant that the dhoni could track the group underwater at all times. A great comfort when diving in currents.

Shashank conjured up two Indian dinners which as usual were outstanding. He has índianised”’ French champagne… the one to drink now is Mohit & Chander…. move over Moet & Chandon, you are passé !! While Diggy was giving camera tips underwater to Salil, Apurba was his suave, erudite self sprawled on the lounge sofa expounding his gyaan. Abhay was an excellent imitation of a angry hornet underwater. On land, everyone was convinced that he was the brand ambassador for Gillettte!

A fabulous dinner at an atoll to celebrate Tariq’s achievements was another highlight. The food and the ambience were superb and Shashank’’s comments took it close to the sublime. There were of course serious interfaces of time; trying to get a suitable name for Tariq’s new company…. involved discussions with Nitya as to whether all rays were Bongs.. neither was resolved!

Evenings at the bar were great fun interspersed by racuöus cries of “Yeh Babeeh”by Diggy. Of course, the drag dance by Enzio was unforgettable! The food and the service were also quite outstanding.

All too soon, the end approached and under cloudy skies, the group departed Male in positively buoyant spirits. Air India outdid itself with all flights being on time and with the group’s baggage coming through early !

Till the next bubbles underwater..0000ooooo gops Hide content.

Woo hoo!!!
Dana Cardoso, Thai live-aboard 2012

The thai live-aboard 2012 is my idea of diving in style. We'd wake up to an elaborate breakfast every morning along with dive briefings from a french dive master. the dive sites were absolutely spectacular and since this was a trip organised by ScubaCentric the people i buddied up with made it even more fun! Come to think of it, every single moment was a blast! We were lucky enough to see a WHALE SHARK on one of our dives and go snorkeling with sea turtles! People don't believe me when I tell them about the fun i had. I just tell them," Dive with ScubaCentric and you'll see for yourselves" ..."Read all...

The Trincomalee, Srilanka dive trip was my second trip with ScubaCentric..So i guess it goes without saying, (but i'll say it anyway) It was SoOoO much fun!!! the dive sites there had just been opened to divers a week before we arrived which meant that they were comparatively undamaged by humans. I was able to see so many different species of coral that i cant even remember all their names! Since this was a ScubaCentric trip, we had planned a whole lot of other activities including snorkeling with black tip reef sharks!!!! I cant wait to go on another trip with ScubaCentric (I'm still counting the surface time on my dive computer!). Hide content.